From an ancient cultures comes Bresaola della Valtellina.

The unique climate of the valley is the main secret that characterizes the production of Bresaola della Valtellina and makes it a typical product, unique and inimitable.
The fresh air and clear air that descends from the heart of the Alps and the particular shape of the Province of Sondrio, totally covered in the typical area of production, create ideal conditions for the gradual maturing of bresaola.
But the climate is not the only factor.
The charm of this high-quality sausage, made with the best cuts of beef thigh, is implicit in its transformation, since the processing steps must follow strict rules, that tradition has turned into a veritable ritual, repeated father to son with passion and professionalism.
The ability to choose the best cuts of adult cattle, the tip of the hip and topside, the ability of trimming, the skillful balance of natural flavorings used, rooted in the ancient secret recipes.
Massage of salting meat, the right temperature and humidity, which must be in precise time and manner during the aging process, are still the legacy of a written culture in local tradition.


Today the real Bresaola della Valtellina – which differs from the “dried meat” and other products derived from the dried beef – is guaranteed by the Community trade mark PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), used by producers in the province of Sondrio. The brand is recognized only to the master butchers who adhere to strict production, under the strict supervision of the Control CSQA Certification Ltd and the Consortium, authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


It is a very nutritious sausage, by far the most low-fat, high in protein, iron, vitamins and minerals and highly digestible ideal for those who love the lightness without sacrificing taste.
A versatile ingredient that allows the invention and imaginative combinations of refined dishes and appetizers and snacks that are quick and easy to prepare.