Producing Process

The certification seal of the traditional process.

The processing steps of the bresaola of the Valtellina PGI must follow strict rules articulated by the product, which guarantees the authenticity of the product and respect for traditional processing. Every single step, rigorously documented, is subject to strict controls aimed at ensuring health and hygiene safety, traceability and product quality.

1. Careful selection and skillful trimming cuts of meat.

The careful selection of raw material is the prerequisite for obtaining a quality product. Every single piece of meat is subjected to careful selection. The specialist operator shall evaluate the potential of the piece and trimming, which must be done with skill and precision in order to remove the fat and tendon external parties without affecting the pulp. The raw material non-compliant (eg being too mottled or discolored) is discarded.

2. Dry salting: bresaola acquires its typical aroma.

Dry salting is carried out: the meat that passes the compliance is sprinkled with a moderate amount of sodium chloride and natural flavors. The salt solution is formed with the juice of the meat.
Can be added to wine, spices, sugar (with the aim of encouraging microbial phenomena responsible for much of the aging of the product), nitrites and nitrates of sodium and / or potassium, ascorbic acid and its sodium salt. And ‘the wise dosage of spices used, jealously guarded the secret of ancient recipes, the product begins to acquire its own personality, with nuances of taste and smell different from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Salting, which has a duration of not less than 10 days, is interrupted by operation of massage, cd. churning, to allow the uniform migration of the salt and spices into the meat.

3. A slow maturation and natural.

After salting, the meat is stuffed into natural casings or artificial one and sent to the next stage of drying in special cells. The drying lasts an average of one week and should allow a rapid dehydration of the product in the first days of treatment.
The drying phase follows the maturing conducted at an average temperature between 12 and 18 ° C. The aging, including the drying time lasts from 4 to 8 weeks. The premises of seasoning, as well as those of drying, must be specially equipped with air conditioning systems can provide the optimal air exchange and appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity.
The Regulations prohibit the adoption of techniques that provide for an accelerated dehydration of the product. But given the favorable climatic conditions of the production area, has allowed natural ventilation and exposure to moisture. Even at this stage is crucial to the operator’s ability to make the right changes.

4. Any cutting or slicing and packaging.

The cured product that exceeds the controls chemical, sensory and merchandise under the Regulations may be marked with the IGP.
(legible image of the EU trademark yellow and blue)
Bresaola of the Valtellina can be sold whole, in bulk or in a vacuum, in pieces, in pieces or sliced, vacuum packaged or modified atmosphere.
Each package must bear the label, in addition to the endorsements required by law, the following information:
• “Bresaola della Valtellina” followed by the abbreviation IGP;
• The name or trade name or trademark of manufacturer;
• The principal office of the production and packaging;
• The IGP approved by the EU.
The product does not meet the minimum requirements of the Regulations can not be marketed as “Bresaola della Valtellina PGI” and should be downgraded.