Product’s Characteristics

Nutritional characteristics

Breasola meets requirements of all consumers interested in a correct diet and is an excellent ingredient for modern and refined cooking. It’s rich in proteins, poor in fat and calories, gives a good supply of iron, zinc, vitamin b1, b6, b12.
It contains no carbohydrate, calcium and vitamin D, which can be added having bread, Parmesan cheese and lemon slices together with bresaola.

Valori Nutrizionali:

Parte edibile (%): 100
Acqua (g): 59,3
Proteine (g): 33,1
Lipidi (g): 2,0
Acidi grassi
saturi totali (g): 0,72
monoinsaturi totali (g): 0,69
polisaturi totali (g): 0,40
Colesterolo (mg): 63
Carboidrati (g): 0,4
Energia (kcal): 151
Energia (kj): 634


Calcio (mg): 6
Fosforo (mg): 269
Magnesio (mg): 26
Potassio (mg): 630
Sodio (mg): 1600
Ferro (mg): 2,6
Zinco (mg): 4,5
Rame (mg): 0,07
Manganese (mg): 0,02
Selenio (µg): 7


Tiamina (mg): 0,41
Riboflavina (mg): 0,13
Niacina (mg): 2,74
B6 (mg): 0,52
B12 (µg): 0,77
Vitamina E (mg): 0,14